Solidarity Action

It is a non-profit civil association, founded in October 1995. We offer comprehensive care to people with HIV, their families, partners and friends. This comprehensive care includes medical services with specialists in infectiology, psychology, psychiatry, social work, dermatology, coloproctology, gastroenterology, laboratory, counseling and subsequent diagnostic monitoring. In addition to legal assistance in cases of violation of the right to health, work or other of who is HIV positive.
In our Community Services Center – CSC – you can perform the antibody detection test for HIV infection, with advice before and after taking the sample.
As an organization that seeks to provide an effective response to the HIV / AIDS epidemic, we offer workshops and formative and informative talks to the general public and organized groups. We develop and carry out television campaigns, viral campaigns and information days, convinced that more and adequate information will allow us to adopt all the provisions to avoid acquiring HIV or progressing to the AIDS stage of infection.
All this without neglecting the public impact and enforceability of human rights through alliances and teamwork with organizations and entities that promote health and the improvement of the quality of life of people.


Phones: (0212) 952 95 54

Address: Avenida Orinoco, entre Calle Coromoto y 2da Calle. Quinta Los Olivos, Bello Monte. Caracas – Venezuela.

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