International Service for Human Rights (ISHR)

The International Human Rights Service is an independent non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights. They accomplish this by supporting human rights defenders, strengthening human rights systems, and leading and participating in coalitions for human rights change.
Their theory of change is based on a proven formula, backed by more than 30 years of research, top-of-the-line experience, and a history of impact.
Human rights defenders, the essential agents +
International and regional human rights laws and systems, the powerful levers
Progress and change in human rights at the national level
Based on this formula, ISHR achieves human rights impact in five key ways:
Strengthening the capacity of human rights defenders: ISHR’s comprehensive training, information products, strategic advice and advocacy support ensure that human rights defenders at the national level can use international and regional mechanisms for human rights in the most powerful and effective way
Strengthening human rights laws and systems: ISHR experts’ research and policy advocacy, along with our access to senior diplomats and decision makers within the UN and regional systems, help those systems are more accessible, effective and protective for the human rights defenders and victims they represent
Promote accountability for violations: ISHR’s unmatched experience at the UN and with regional bodies means that we can use those mechanisms in the fastest and most strategic way possible to prevent attacks and violations against human rights defenders, and to ensure justice and accountability where they occur
Ensure implementation at the national level: ISHR’s unmatched experience in international human rights standards and resolutions, along with their deep partnerships with national human rights networks and organizations, allow them to play an influential role in ensuring the implementation of these rules and resolutions on the ground
Building Powerful Partnerships for Change: ISHR’s strong relationships with key governments, progressive businesses, and leading NGOs mean they can build and mobilize powerful partnerships for human rights change.
With limited resources and high demand for their services, their work focuses on those human rights defenders who are most at risk, where their support can protect and strengthen them as agents of change.
• Women defenders of human rights.
• Defenders of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex rights.
• Defenders working in companies and human rights.
• Defenders working to promote democratic freedoms and end impunity, particularly in countries in transition.

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