and systematic

Abuses as part of a systematic practice by the Venezuelan security forces have been denounced by human rights organizations. These have not been isolated practices or excesses committed by insubordinate members of a security body, but on the contrary, they occur repeatedly in various parts of the country without clear measures being taken to prevent or punish them by the authorities.



Failures in the provision of services, food shortages, increased malnutrition, health crises, increased poverty and inequality, hunger, lack of effective policies to stop the human rights crisis, among others, it is what has been called Complex Humanitarian Crisis and shows the suffering of the Venezuelan population.


quality of life

Continuous failures in basic services, currency depreciation and loss of the purchasing power, a basic salary of less than $ 5 per month, among others, have affected the loss of quality of life of people in Venezuela and have been denounced for years by organizations of human rights.



Lack of impartiality of the justice system, 85.3% of interim, temporary or accidental judges for 2019 and the lack of transparency in appointments have been pointed out as elements that contribute to generate impunity and persistence of human rights violations.