Civilis Human Rights

CIVILIS Human Rights is a non-profit civil association, founded in 2010, independent, pluralistic and autonomous, dedicated to supporting the work carried out by civil society groups and organizations in the field of human rights.
Their mission is to contribute to the existence of a full-fledged, autonomous, plural, committed, active and influential Venezuelan civil society, framed in human rights in accordance with its universal norms and perspectives of action, civic, peaceful and democratic.
Here are the objectives of Civilis DDHH:
• Promote the rights and freedoms that allow people to organize and act autonomously in the space of civil society to improve the lives of citizens and society as a whole.
• Defend all civic rights and freedoms, inherent to the legitimate existence, functioning and performance of civil society in conducive and safe environments.
• Support all groups and organizations that seek the enjoyment, exercise and full, universal and effective realization of all human rights at any level of dignity and circumstance.

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