Center for Human Rights CHR-UNIMET

The Human Rights Center keeps track of the human rights violations that have been verified in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, with special emphasis on cases in which members of the university community are part of and are linked to arbitrary detentions or extrajudicial executions in the framework of peaceful protests, and more recently, violations of university autonomy and academic freedom; providing, in turn, legal assistance to arbitrarily detained students and advising other victims of serious human rights violations.
During 2018, the Center created two areas of specialization: in International Criminal Law, which included the analysis of transitional justice mechanisms, led by Professor Andrea Santacruz, and an area focused on Human Rights, including, from 2019, the issue of the Venezuelan migration crisis, led by Professor Victoria Capriles.

Email: [email protected]

Phones: (0212)-240.32.00

Address: Módulo de Aulas 1, PB. Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela, 1073.

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